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About Us

Metroferry Marine Services Limited was incorporated on the 13th of June 2008 with the principal objective of providing safe, comfortable, reliable and efficient water transportation services on the waterways in Lagos State.

On the 18th August 2008, Metroferry was issued a License by the Lagos State Government to commence passenger ferry services in Lagos State.  At the beginning of February 2009, we commenced trial runs on the Ikorodu – Marina route and, in the course of these trial runs, ferried well over 1,000 passengers for free.

Metroferry commenced full commercial operations on the 25th of February 2009 on which day, we ferried 89 passengers.  That number has grown steadily over the months as we gradually increase our fleet, our routes and our frequencies.  Today, we are proud to say, we now ferry around 18,000 a day and this number is increasing daily, as more people become aware of the excellent services we provide.

Our fleet currently consists of 19 (nineteen) vessels made up of 8 (eight) passenger ferries with seating capacity for 50 passengers each, 6 (six) "water taxis" with seating capacity for 25 passengers each, 4 (four) ultra-fast passenger transport vessels with seating capacity for 28 (twenty-eight) passengers each, and 1 (one) executive configured passenger vessel with seating capacity for 17 passengers.  In addition, we currently have on order an additional 3 (three) ultra-fast passenger transport vessels which will bring the total number of vessels in our fleet to 22 (twenty-two).  These additional vessels are expected to be delivered from August 2011 onwards.

Our vessels are also most suited to the Lagos Lagoon, which is quite muddy and very shallow in many areas, and have a very low draft requirement of 30cm, on the average.

In addition, all our operational staff are well trained and carry the appropriate certifications from the necessary maritime institutions commensurate with their responsibilities.  These are available for your inspection, upon request.



We offer ferry service around Lagos everyday. .


With our standard speedboat servicing our client with water transport


Our state of the art executive boat to criuze our clients around Lagos